A few months ago, we announced the main phases of the construction project.
Behind the scenes, teams are working hard to meet deadlines and make our future campus an outstanding one! Things are moving fast: the first planning permission notices have appeared… So let’s find out more !


The team formed by Sogéa Caroni and the architectural firms Saison Menu and Avant Propos was put together to design and construct the future Colson block. The project is currently under negotiation and in the process of being fine-tuned. Here's a preview of the project developed by this team. This will all evolve over the coming months. This choice follows a call to tender launched in July 2019, which attracted four candidates, three of whom were invited to submit a project. The three projects were the subject of Camplus committee hearings, attended by employees, alumni, and representatives of the city of Lille, as well as a commission hearing with members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. The project presented by Sogéa Caroni and its team was selected for its technical and economic advantages: quality and quantity of the spaces developed, adaptability, aesthetic appeal, environmental ambitions, respect for deadlines, quality of integration in the neighbourhood. Sogéa Caroni and its partners (Cegelec, Santerne, etc...) are also proposing a strong partnership with Yncréa Hauts-de-France for this major project in terms of innovation, entrepreneurship, and research.


Some of you will no doubt have noticed that signs have appeared on Boulevard Vauban in front of Palais Rameau displaying the administrative authorisations issued just before Christmas by Lille City Council and by the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs (planning permission, authorisation to carry out construction on a listed building, authorisation to carry out construction on a public establishment). This is an important step in the preparation of the emblematic renovation of Palais Rameau, which is scheduled for the spring!