Juniatoday boasts 4,600 students, 12 buildings, 23 research laboratories, 315,000 square feet of usable space, a network of 28,000 graduates...

With 4,600 students, 28,000 graduates, and 23 research laboratories, Junia is already a European leader. Well placed among Europe’s leading private not-for-profit higher education centres, it forms, together with the three historical schools it brings together – HEI, ISA, ISEN Lille – an association renowned for its sense of innovation, the quality of its research, its methods of collective intelligence, and its ability to listen to the world around it – to companies, of course, but beyond that, to society as a whole.

Junia 2024, will see

students, with 10% coming from abroad
0  sq.ft.
of useable space
0   sq.ft.
of new buildings
vast blocks