Kick-off: The Albert Le Grand residence is the first building targeted

From the beginning of 2020, the renovation of the former Albert Legrand student residence will begin, and is set to be completed around January 2021, with the arrival of the administrative teams at the beginning of 2021. Further transformations within the current ISA will then take place gradually. The future home to Junia headquarters, a building that dates back to end of the 19th century, is to undergo major renovations. The construction site will cause little disruption to local residents, since the exterior of the residence is not affected.

In the autumn of 2019, a diagnostics and minor demolitions will begin: asbestos, structural surveys, removal of interior partitions, etc. Structural work will begin early next year. As for the few dozen students who were still living there until this summer, they have been relocated to other residences by the Catholic University’s Mutual Assistance Association (Association d’Entraide Universitaire).

Albert Le Grand

Albert Le Grand was a 13th century Dominican and, above all, a typical medieval thinker: curious, thorough, and rather versatile. A philosopher, naturalist, chemist (and even a bit of an alchemist...), Albertus Magnus was one of the first great professors at the University of Paris. And he's also the patron saint of natural sciences.